A painting that LOUIS did for Amiira and Greg Behrendt'd house got a mention in Daily News.


- L.A. Daily Nrews (Sept. 29, 2006)

My "Shining" Moment.

In August LOUIS was asked to paint a shirt (see photo below) for the Rolling Stone photo shoot of Jack Nicholson, for the new movie "The Departed." What he didn't know, was that he'd end up painting parts of Jack also.

At right: Rolling Stone Magazine (September 2006), with photo by Matthew Rolston.

Photo below by LOUIS.
Groupie Love
Some fans are truly absorbed by
Louis Cannizzaro's artwork.

Rarely in life do you come across artwork that is so heart-decimating and lip-quivering poignant that you want to keep it by your side at all times. Los Angeles-based artist Louis Cannizzaro's unabashedly emo paintings, poetry and books like "I Love My Girlfriend" and "Full of Grace" make such a connection with his fans that in fact, some go as far as to have his work tattooed, with declariations like, "I am crazy about those eyes behind the cigarette smoke..." and "I went to pay the guy for magazines...and all I had were notes from you..." His words are haunting but quality derivative of his subject matter--a doting, fanatical, beseeching love. "Some people will tell me, 'I don't even like your art, but there's this one, I can't get the text out of my head. It keeps repeating in a loop'." says Cannizzaro, 45, with characteristic enthusiasm.
Since he wasn't formally trained in art, his renderings, which are mostly in acrylic, have an almost childlike, unsullied honesty. His work draws you in, inviting you to apply your own meanings to the simplistic or abstract depictions. It is this Rorschach inkblot quality that occasionally strikes a chord so compelling that the beholder commits their admiration to skin.

"His work is very intimate," says Mandana Furoughi, 29, a teacher who was the first to house Cannizzaro's work two years ago, in the form of stars and buildings on her wrist. "The immediacy spoke to me...the innocence." Although the first incidences occurred without his consent, Cannizzaro did not take offense. "It's really flattering," he says of his unexpected foray into ink. "My work is really personal and is different for different people, so it makes a good tattoo." Of his thus-far predominately female following, he notes that the boyfriends "never get upset that it's another guy's work."

Cannizzaro does not wield the needle himself, but he takes commissions to design original tattoos (inquire at powderfrench.com). With his forth self-published book of poetry, collages and paintings, "Have Faith," due to hit bookshelves around Valentine's Day, there will surely be no shortage of material to draw inspiration from. --Mary H.K. Choi

- Inked (Spring 2006)

"... After a dessert au chocolat, read each other poetic snippets romantique from L.A. -based artist Louis Cannizzaro's latest book, Full of Grace (Powder French, 2004), available at Virgin Megastore ..."

- Papercity (February 04)

Punk Drunk Love

Louis Cannizzaro is an artist with a seriously gushy side.

His work, inspired by Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat, combines images and text about his girlfriend. ("She is pure and perfect and she colors her hair with magic markers.")

What's the deal? Depends who's asking.
1. Girls: Louis is single. that girlfriend he's always scribbling about is apparently someone he has yet to meet (nudge, nudge). L.A. chicks into artsy types should definitely apply.
2. Boys: Louis is the author of I Love My Girlfriend, a self-published book filled with his mushy-cool works. Trust us: The girl of your dreams wants you to give this to her.
3. Everyone: You can hit on him -- or someone else -- tonight at the opening of "Kiss My Grits, The Punk Rock Art Show," which will feature Louis's newest series, To My Sweetheart, along with work by like-minded artists and performances by local bands. The event is guest list only, but DailyCandy subscribers get in with a printout of this e-mail.

Punk rock, punk art, punk boys and girls. Time to get your punk on.

- DailyCandy LA (01.31.03)

At the Leeza Gibbons Web site...

Book It!
Leeza FINDS a Great Read ...

I received this little book from Julie, my wonderful wardrobe stylist, who always seems to be ever-young and hip and the first to discover something new and fabulous. It's called "Her Beauty Touches Everything" by Louis Cannizzaro. It's a little pocket sized paperback that packs a big punch. I must have read it already a dozen times. It's subtitled: "I Love My Girlfriend." Basically each page is a simple statement and a graphic scribble. Stuff like:

How to talk to others at a party
* * * * * * * * * *
"She keeps her love in her eyes so just glance over once in a while"
"Getting back to you takes forever"
"When we're apart I try to find ways to make other people say your name"

Sometimes I feel like I'm intimately connected to the material. Sometimes I feel as if I'm eavesdropping on another's personal diary. The words are simple and profound; conjuring up emotions you didn't really know you had. I'm pretty sure that's what good writing is supposed to do.
This project and this author has developed quite a celebrity following...after all, one of the passages is: "Remember the Night We Kissed Drew Barrymore?" (Don't know what that is about!) Apparently Christina Applegate, Alanis Morrisette and others have been turned on to it. All I know is, I loved it and Julie (my wardrobe chick) gave me a cute little t-shirt from the author too. It has a little sketch of a fire escape and says: "She was the girl on the fire escape giving haircuts to her friends" Everyone stopped to take it in.

The web site is www.powderfrench.com. Worth learning more about. This Louis Cannizzaro is onto something....

- leezagibbons.com (under "features" then "finds" for September of 2002)
Louis N. Cannizzaro

If I'd gone ahead and followed the art scene and gone around to all the galleries, I'd be... I'd much rather work in my apartment than visit a gallery and beg for a show.
I'm trying to become a fully contained mobile unit. The important thing is to reach the people who love or hate your work. My best idea so far was to print a set of postcards and sell them in stores. I started with one store on my block and now I'm up to ten. People who want to see the paintings contact me through the web site or my address which is printed on the back. My friend movie director Troy Miller lets me hang my paintings in his office building. People call me and I take them through the offices to see the work. The paintings are in a beautiful atmosphere and Troy never charges me a fee. I have also started working with Cynthia Vincent. She is creating a line of clothes - 'Saint V' - which will feature my designs on a variety of clothes and other items. On days when I don't have to do a job I stay home and work on art. Here are some things I do: get ideas / fill postcard orders / return phone calls / paint / draw / design shirts / fill shirt orders. I still use the same brushes I bought when I started ten years ago. I use mostly mistint paints from Home Depot because they are cheaper and I don't have to worry about mixing colors.

- exhibit:a

"...the modern furniture by Portland, Ore. -based designer, Tom Ghirladucci and the paintings by local artist Louis Cannizzaro. Indeed they recently moved out the floating racks and invited their customers to a gallery opening for Cannizzaro. In conjunction with the opening, the designers created silk-screen T-shirts with his work and put them up for sale. The shirts caught the eye of actress Kelly Lynch. She bought three Cannizzaro T-shirts with a slogan reading: "The night we kissed Drew Barrymore." Loftin said Lynch, who is working with Barrymore in the film "Charlie's Angels," plans to give one to her co-star. Now, Loftin plans to stage an exhibit every three months. She will also host a party for a specific designer once a month. The creative experimentation extends to the window displays. Loftin and Vincent have invited designers..."

- Women's Wear Daily

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