Images of LOUIS art in film and television.
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A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints.

A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, a film by LOUIS' good friend Dito Montiel, was released on DVD in 2007. Look for it, and you can also see a lot of extras, including a longer "art gallery" scene where LOUIS paintings are hanging on the walls.

Be sure to look for the mention of LOUIS in the director's commentary as well.
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A while back, LOUIS was asked by the TV show "ER" to install some paintings on the set for their season 13 "I Don't" episode, where Abby and Luka finally get married.
They Asked if he had any 6' by 6' pieces... and he didn't... so he got some canvases, and headed on down to make some really big paintings. The results were amazing. You can see a painting in almost every scene, and they are so big that they deserve a co-star credit.

Below and to the right are behind-the-scenes photos from when LOUIS was on-set painting.
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The Apprentice

Season six of the popular NBC television show "The Apprentice" took place in Los Angeles, and paintings by LOUIS were featured prominently throughout the mansion.
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